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What are the culinary specialities of Haute-Savoie?

Savoie (or Savoy) and Haute-Savoie are famous for their ski slopes, but also for their culinary specialties. In summer and winter, come and enjoy the sweet and savoury dishes typical of the region. Savoyard gastronomy is known for its high-calorie dishes, especially with cheese, but you will also find lighter traditional recipes from the historical Duchy of Savoy. Discover our non-exhaustive list of culinary specialties of Haute-Savoie!

Culinary specialities of Haute-Savoie: savoury dishes

The culinary specialities of Haute-Savoie are hearty and nutritious dishes to compensate for the harsh climate. They are very tasty and nourishing recipes. Among the typical savoury dishes of the region you can find:

  • Rioutes: This is a dry and salty anise cake (typically shaped a little like a bagel) that is traditionally eaten dipped in a glass of red wine.
  • Crozets: This type of small and square-shaped pasta was invented in the Haute Tarentaise region. They are made from wheat and buckwheat flour and are often accompanied by cream and cheese. This Haute-Savoie pasta is a delight for children and grown-ups alike.
  • Matafan: This potato cake is one of the Savoyard culinary specialties that varies a lot from town to town, as it is served with different things in Chambéry, Annecy or Tignes. Try it in several places to experience this Savoyard cuisine in all its different forms.
  • Fish fry: You read that right, mountainous Haute-Savoie is full of (fresh water) fish. Young perch are particularly popular when fried, and you will find these culinary specialties of Haute-Savoie in all restaurants and inns.

Cheese-based Savoyard specialties

Obviously, it is impossible to miss Savoyard cheeses when talking about the culinary specialties of Haute-Savoie. Between blue-veined cheeses, pressed cooked cheeses and pressed uncooked cheeses, you are spoilt for choice. Reblochon, Thoron and Beaufort will delight young and old alike. Here is the list of the best Savoyard cheese preparations:

  • Soupe Savoyarde: This is a soup cooked with bacon and meat, vegetables (onions and carrots) and cheese. Reblochon cheese is usually served in a separate plate.
  • Tartiflette: Tartiflette is a real institution, an unmissable specialty. It is a very tasty and nourishing dish made of potatoes, bacon and Reblochon cheese, which should be enjoyed without moderation!
  • Berthoud: This dish comes directly from the Chablais region. Berthoud is made from cheese cut into strips, which are then divided into ramekins. The whole thing is sprinkled with white wine and baked in the oven to obtain a golden crust. This dish is served with potatoes cooked in their skins.
  • Raclette: The culinary specialties of Haute-Savoie also include the famous raclette, with raclette cheese from Savoy. Complete the picture with the best charcuterie of the region to share a convivial meal with friends or family.
  • Fondue Savoyarde: This hearty dish is made to be shared and is usually made from cheeses such as Beaufort, Emmental or Comté. Dip your pieces of bread into melted cheese mixed with a few glasses of white wine and spices. And don’t forget that if you lose your piece of bread in the cheese pot, you will get a dare!

The best desserts of Haute-Savoie

The specialities of Haute-Savoie also include numerous very tasty and original desserts. These sweet dishes are a great way to end a meal or simply to enjoy a delicious snack:

  • Gâteau de Savoie: This is a healthy dessert that contains no fat. It is light, very tasty, and is very easy to prepare as it contains only 4 ingredients (sugar, flour, eggs and yeast).
  • Blueberry tart: During your stay in Haute-Savoie, you must try an authentic blueberry tart. It is a dessert made from fruit picked in the mountains (previously harvested and frozen blueberries are used in winter).
  • Chocolate truffles: These delicious chocolate truffles were invented in 1895 by a confectioner in Chambéry. They are a confection made with cocoa powder, crème fraiche and vanilla.
  • Saint Genix: Another culinary speciality that cannot be ignored is Saint Genix. It is a tasty brioche flavoured with orange blossom. It also contains a few pralines to add some crunch. It is such a popular dessert that it has travelled extensively to the surrounding towns and you can find it as far away as Lyon.
  • Rissoles: Finally, rissoles are eaten at festive times. This turnover pastry can be filled with apple, pear, quince, or blueberries. Fortunately, it is such a popular dessert that you can find it at any time of the year, so there’s no need to wait for a special occasion!