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Snowmobiling in Les Menuires: Our recommendations

Would you like to discover new activities in the sky resort and try snowmobiling in Les Menuires? It is a fun and family-friendly ride. During your winter holidays, try this new fun and exhilarating sporting activity which will allow you to discover the mountains from another angle. Everything can be learned, and you can safely learn to drive this machine with an instructor. In this article, you can find out how to snowmobile in Les Menuires and why you should try it!

What is snowmobiling?

If you are looking for new activities to do in Les Menuires resort, then snowmobiling is for you! It is a sort of small motorbike equipped with skis which is also known as a snow scooter or a ski-doo. It’s an outing suitable for everyone as you don’t necessarily need to be in perfect physical condition and it’s not a traumatic experience for your joints.

Glide along the snowy paths and embark on a guided tour through the wild and breathtaking scenery of the Trois Vallées ski area, with views of Mont Blanc. The snowmobile can be driven by any adult with a European B licence (or equivalent, for engines over 50cc), while others can only be passengers (generally from 8 years old).

Why go snowmobiling in Les Menuires?

Snowmobiling in Les Menuires is a great way to experience thrilling new sensations. You can explore the mountain in a unique and original way and enjoy a real feeling of freedom. Whether you are driving or sitting as a passenger, you can roam around Les Menuires and discover the mountains in a completely safe way.

Snowmobiling is an original activity, which allows you to reach the top of the slopes. Your instructor will explain to you how to drive and will introduce you to all the safety rules so that you can then set off on the slopes! You can even set out at the end of the day to watch the sunset from the top of the mountain: it is truly a magnificent sight, with the clearest possible view of the sky. There are also safe areas to accelerate in a straight line and enjoy the thrill of speed!

How to go snowmobiling in Les Menuires?

Get in touch with an experienced instructor

Unlike a snowshoeing trip or a descent down the sledge track, snowmobiling in Les Menuires cannot be improvised. We generally use closed ski slopes or those specially dedicated to this activity. With a qualified instructor, you will learn how to handle this machine to maintain a constant speed and to brake safely. You will also need to learn all the safety instructions. You will then be able to ride behind the instructor, who will lead the way and you will have to follow them at the same speed. You will enjoy a pleasant snowmobile ride of about one hour, which will leave you with stars in your eyes!

Wear warm clothes

As snowmobiling in Les Menuires involves speeding outdoors, you must cover yourself up accordingly. Take particular care with your clothing to maintain a constant temperature throughout the ride. Warm underwear and an insulating suit are preferable in order to enjoy the ride without suffering from the cold. Make sure you protect your extremities (fingers and feet) with thick socks, knitted or fleece under-gloves, and resistant gloves. You can also do with a warm scarf or balaclava. Everything related to helmets and other safety equipment is often provided by the Les Menuires snowmobile agency.

Have the right equipment

In your backpack, don’t forget to bring a moisturiser and a lip balm to protect your skin from the wind and other possible weather conditions (rain, snow). If you want to take your camera with you, you can, as long as you protect it with a plastic bag. Also be careful when taking it out, as finding something that was lost in the snow can be tricky! Most new generation snowmobiles have all the necessary storage space for your belongings.

A snowmobile ride in Les Menuires: how much does it cost?

On average, it costs 140 € per passenger driver for an hour of snowmobiling in Les Menuires. For a passenger sitting behind the professional guide (the instructor), it will be about 60 € for the hour. A snowmobile can carry one or two people. Some agencies also offer to hire an exclusive guide for a VIP tour. Whether you want to go for a sporty ride or a discovery ride, make your choice according to the intensity you want!