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Snow in Les Menuires: how deep is the snow?

Before putting on your skis, it is important to always check the snow conditions in your ski area. Height and quality of the snow, weather forecast for the day and outside temperature, date of the last snowfall, wind, visibility, general conditions of the ski area: these are all factors to take into account in order to have a good day’s skiing! Check out the resort’s snow report to find out about the snow conditions in Les Menuires.

The factors that affect snow depth

Snow cover in ski resorts is a major concern every year, with one major question popping up: will you have snow for your winter holidays?

Generally, we base ourselves a lot on the altitude to estimate the level of snow cover in a ski area like Les Menuires. Indeed, the temperature drops on average by 0.6 degrees every 100 metres. So, the higher you are, the more precipitation there is in the form of snow (which will be better preserved because of the cold), which then contributes to the thickness of the snow cover.

However, there are also other factors to take into account regarding snow cover in Les Menuires:

  • The wind: if it is windy with fresh, light snow, it will probably be blown around on the higher peaks. Fortunately, groomers are used to fill in the irregularities on the ski slopes. Slopes going through the forest at mid-altitude are generally sheltered from the wind.
  • The terrain’s layout: high altitude usually means more rocky terrain.
  • Sun exposure: ski areas facing north are usually colder, as they are more sheltered from the sun.
  • Micro-climates: micro-climate phenomena can also come into play. A valley or part of a mountain range, behind a mountain barrier, may have a different climate from a locations just a few kilometres away.

Historic snow cover in Les Menuires

At an altitude of more than 1,850 metres, Les Menuires is interconnected with 6 other resorts which add up to more than 600 kilometres of pistes. This intergenerational resort is a real family favourite. Here are the average annual snowfall figures for the resort from 2012 to 2021:

  • Total snowfall: 320 cm.
  • Number of days with snowfall: 30.
  • Average snow cover at resort level: 73 cm.
  • Average snow cover at the highest altitude: 145 cm.

Thus, the snow conditions in Les Menuires are excellent for hurtling down the slopes all winter. The resort of Les Menuires is part of the 3 Vallées area, which is the largest ski area in the world. It offers optimal conditions with a very good quality of snow. It is one of the most famous ski areas in France, Europe and even the world.

And even if the snow conditions are not at their best, don’t worry: the domain is very well equipped with snow cannons to pour artificial snow if the weather is uncooperative during the winter season. You can therefore safely book your family holiday or your weekend with friends, and freely ride down the slopes and enjoy moments of relaxation in the middle of nature.

Skiing conditions related to the resort’s snow cover

Snow cover is the decisive factor for skiing conditions, and in particular whether or not it is risky to go off-piste. By checking the weather information before you go skiing, you can avoid unpleasant surprises. Keep in mind that snow cover also has an impact on passage on certain mountain roads and the ascent towards Les Menuires: remember to equip yourself with snow tyres and chains.

Ski resorts such as Les Menuires often experience snowy weather, but the ski slopes are marked out to a very high standard: even under the snow, you will easily find your way around the resort. Les Menuires guarantees the highest level of safety for holidaymakers every season so that they can make the most of their winter sports holiday. Whether at the top of the Pointe de la Masse or at the foot of the slopes, all skiers will have a great time in a friendly atmosphere.

The delights of skiing in Les Menuires this winter

The Les Menuires ski area is sure to leave you with lots of thrilling and snowy memories. Visitors of all ages will be amazed by the beauty and splendor of the resort. Whether you come as a family, as a couple, alone or with friends: you can count on good snow conditions from mid-December to the end of April. You can hurtle down the slopes or go snowshoeing, hiking or cross-country skiing. Both beginners and experienced skiers will find something that suits them. Non-skiers can opt for sleighing or mountain biking!

Enjoy the fresh air in the bright sunshine and ski all day on the slopes without worrying about the snow depth. With or without a ski instructor, the valley welcomes you for an unforgettable skiing holiday. Optimal snow conditions, comfortable accommodation (from studios to family chalets), a wide range of activities, a multitude of slopes for all levels: Les Menuires offers unbeatable value for money.

Spending a holiday in Les Menuires also allows you to enjoy the fun zones such as the Pixel Area, with the boardercross area and the snowpark, or the Friendly Natural Park for the little ones. And whatever the level of snow in Les Menuires, you can always take a break for a tasty meal in one of the high altitude restaurants and then enjoy the concerts and other entertainment options at the end of the day.