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Cross-country skiing in Les Menuires

For lovers of sports and open spaces, the cross-country skiing in Les Menuires will suit you…

The cross-country skiing, from classical to ski skating

For the ski lovers, go and discover the breathtaking surroundings of Les Menuires. With a prestigious area, Les Menuires ski resort offers 28 kilometers of cross-country trails, a terrain well prepared and suitable to the practice of this activity.

Considered as one of the largest winter sports, the cross-country skiing is popular in Northern Europe, Canada, Russia, Eastern Europe or Alaska. Today, we invite you to enjoy cross-country skiing in Les Menuires.

There are mainly two techniques for cross-country skiing. For beginners, the conventional technique is recommended. Used since the origin of the discipline, you have to slide on your skis naturally in two parallel tracks. For the more experienced, the technique of “ski-skating” operated since the 1980s, seems to be the most appropriate. The objective is to progress on a flat part of the track by sliding one ski to the other. For the latter, speed and sliding sensations guaranteed !

Some practical advice : 

  •  Equipment necessary for the good practice of cross-country skiing in Les Menuires :

For a good practice of cross-country skiing, there must be adequate equipment, including long and narrow skis, shoes (the compatibility of the shoe with the attachment is to be verified) and sticks are to be chosen depending on the size and practice. For your convenience, the Chalet Hotel Kaya offers a ski shop where you can directly book your ski equipment (boots and skis). A dynamic team of professionals will be present to guide you and help you to choose the size of your skis. For those who already know their size, you can book from now your equipment online At Chalet Hotel Le Kaya, everything is designed for your comfort : lockers, shoes heater. What better way to start the day warm feet. A pleasure to further Kaya!

  •  How to dress ?

As the activity is taking place in high mountain, it’s very cold. But it’s worth a visit ! Thats’s why the Chalet Hotel Kaya suggest you to dress with layers of clothing : thermal underwear allowing moisture transfer (1st layer), a polar fleece or a duvet (second layer), and wear an over-coat, over-trousers or in-combination with hood offering protection against the wind but also against the rain or snow (3rd layer), and a pair of socks. A cap, earbuds, a balaclava, a scarf or a neck strap are also required to protect you from the cold and of course, sunglasses.